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Most athletes fully understand the importance of dedicating time to focus on building physical strength and following a plan in order to reach their race goals. However, without the addition of mental focus and awareness, these same athletes can find themselves falling short of meeting their full potential. Athletes can get stuck in post-race blues, performance blocks, and a negative mindset that is working against what they have physically trained their body to do. I combine my training in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Peak Performance EMDR, to not just talk about changing your blocks and beliefs about yourself, but actually re-wiring your brain.  This approach not only strengthens areas of resiliency and confidence, but it helps you move past conscious and unconscious blocks that keep you from achieving your goals. Regardless of your sport or level of competition, I love helping fellow athletes and competitors.  One-on-one sessions will start with an intake assessment to identify your needs and areas of growth.  You will then be taught skills that you can directly apply to your sport. 

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